Planning your visit or school trip

East Sussex Council offers an offsite visit services. The service provides:

State schools are automatically subscribed to the Offsite Visits Service. Academies, independent and free schools can chose to opt in: the Offsite Visit Service is charged at £1 per head per number on roll per year.


The benefits of Exeant

We recommend that all visits are planned and recorded using the ‘Exeant’ system.  Exeant takes you step by step through the planning process, from the initial idea through to employer approval. It records all your visits electronically so no need for filing cabinets full of paperwork. You can produce reports of the number and types of visits taking place and is a valuable tool for accessing critical information in an emergency.

Access to the Exeant system also gives you direct access to several useful templates and additional supporting documents to aid the planning and delivery of offsite visits, including the ESCC policy for offsite visits.

Contact us

If you’d assistance with planning your visit email Leanne Bentley or call 01273 482522.

Plan your school visit

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