What is project adventure?

Project adventure is the combination of all our outdoor activity provision rolled into one fantastic adventure residential offer. Based from our Partner site, Bushy Wood, where you will be staying, camping under canvas, cooking on open fires, exploring the woodland, and participating in our range of land based activities on site. Each day of the residential we have a host of sport activities to choose from at our Bushy wood, Eastbourne and Cuckmere sites. From climbing, archery, high ropes, fire lighting or shelter building in the woodland, to sailing and windsurfing on Princes Park lake, or the sea, kayaking, canoeing and stand up paddle boarding on the beautiful Cuckmere meanders, or team tasks such as raft building, or giant paddle boards, as well as exploring adjacent Friston Forest, with map and compass in hand!


All together, this embodies project adventure with Buzz Active! Please see down the page for more detail about how we will run the activities, how they can link into the curriculum and develop your students through adventure!

About Bushy Wood

Bushy Wood is a scout owned activity centre just off the A 22 near Hailsham in East Sussex, from where Buzz Active lead their land activities.

Set in 17 acres of English woodland, Bushy Wood provides a wonderful environment to be immersed in nature, whilst having access to the simple luxuries of toilets and showers.

Buzz Active Ethos and Aims

Buzz Active exists to provide enjoyable, engaging and educative activities of the highest quality, tailored for school children of all ages. Our sites are surrounded by geographical features, historic landmarks and flora and fauna of all shapes and sizes, giving plenty of opportunity for curriculum links and bringing your classroom outdoors. Whatever outdoor learning outcomes you have in mind we aim to create a programme for you!

Onsite Activities Available

You will be able to select in advance the activities that you wish to be included in your stay. The following activities can be delivered at Bushy Wood.


    • Climbing

Our 6m high wall has 6 different climbs of varying difficulties. The group will be able to experience climbing and belaying during this activity.

    • Bouldering

The two sided bouldering wall has 4 different routes of varying difficulty. The group will be able to explore the different routes, play a variety of games and pick up some top bouldering tips.

    • Archery

The range is 10 metres long with a covered shooting area. The instructors will identify the size and type of bows that will be used for your session. You will be taught shooting technique and be able to put your skills to the test in some games.

    • Team Building

The instructors will decide upon which team building activities will be delivered. They will include time for the group to discuss and plan their approach, test their plan and then review their performance as a team.

    • Pioneering

The instructors will guide the groups to design and build a structure using ropes and poles, in order to achieve an objective.

    • Fire Lighting

Back to basics to learn the key components to making a fire without any matches. The group will be shown the best fuel to use and how to get that spark using a flint and steel.

    • Shelter building

Learning the basics of shelter building using natural materials or using tarpaulin and rope. The group will learn different knots and shelter designs or create their own.

    • Air Rifles

The group will be taught the safe use of air rifles and shooting technique that will be put to the test before at our bespoke range.

    • Crate Stacking challenge

Our newest activity, it requires the team to work together to build and climb a tower of crates before it topples. Groups will climb, build and belay during this session. It’s great for team building.

    • Orienteering

Spread across the 17 acre site, are a number of check points. The groups will be shown how to locate where they are on the map and how to orientate the map. This session can include learning how to use a compass.

Offsite Activities Available

Buzz CuckmereBuzz Active Cuckmere

  • Kayaking

Learn to paddle a kayak on the meanders of the river Cuckmere, this group activity is the perfect introduction to paddle sport. Students learn the basics of paddling and steering with fun and games.

  • Stand Up Paddle boarding

This relatively new sport has taken the world by storm in recent years, and we can provide a great introduction to this sport with all students being able to stand up, paddle and steer their boards by the end of a session.

  • Giant Paddleboards

This team activity is often coupled together with stand up paddle boarding, but we can run this as a team activity in its own right. Teams will learn to paddle and steer as a team in order to win a race against the other teams!

  • Raft Building

This team task is great for looking at group cohesion, team cooperation, communication, group forming and is a fun activity for all ages. Build your raft, rescue the stricken duck from the opposite bank, and recover your entire team and raft before the other teams to take the win, or before your raft succumbs!

Dinghy SailingBuzz Active Eastbourne

  • Sailing

Learn to control a sailing dinghy, this activity is run on our sheltered boating lake, or the sea in ideal conditions. Students learn to sail a dinghy in pairs, learning to steer, turn, control speed, capsize and recover.

  • Windsurfing

Starting by learning to balance on a board, introducing sails, the concept of opposing forces, and the principles of sailing, standing up. This is a great activity run on our boating lake or on the sea in idea conditions.

Accommodation and Facilities

The Cub Hut:

The main hall can sleep up to 18 young people on the floor.

There are 3 side rooms:

Room 1 – 2 x bunk beds, sleeping 4 people

Room 2 – 2 x bunk beds, sleeping 4 people

Room 3 – 1 single bed.

The Hut has heaters and a well equipped kitchen. There is a separate toilet block, with hot running showers.

The Scout Hut:

The main hall can sleep up to 24 young people on the floor.

There are 3 side rooms:

Room 1 – 4 x bunk beds, sleeping 8 people

Room 2 – 3 x bunk beds, sleeping 6 people

Room 3 – 2 x bunk beds, sleeping 4 people.

The hut has heaters and a well equipped kitchen.as well as a toilet.  There is a separate toilet block, with hot running showers.


camping under canvas in tents provided by Buzz/supplied by themselves. Or staying in the huts as outlined above.

The tents provided by Buzz are 2-3 person tents, the groups will need to be arranged in advance.

There is a toilet block onsite with hot running showers.


For your stay the group can be fully self-sufficient and will be providing their own food and cooking arrangements, or catering can be provided for details would need to be confirmed with you bespoke. Email us on Info@buzzactive.org.uk to request the schools pack.

Curriculum Links

Buzz Active has developed specific packages that focus on a variety of topics and link with different areas of the curriculum. We can tailor and design days and activities to meet your curriculum needs. For example:

  • Explore History with Buzz Active:
      • Stone Age – Iron Age.
      • The History Time Line
  • Science in the outdoors:
      • Nature detectives
      • How the Body Works during adventure activities
  • Outdoor Art :
      • The Natural Artist
  • GCSE linked Paddle sport awards.
  • GCSE linked sailing and windsurfing awards
  • BTEC linked outdoor and adventurous activities modules
  • Key stage linked curriculum activity related to water sports.

Activity Enquiry

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