Bushy Wood


Bushy Wood is the Eastbourne and District scout camp site and activity centre. Buzz Active are onsite delivery partners and we are able to use the site for climbing, archery, bush craft, rifle shooting, team games and loads more.

Bushy wood is a fantastic camp site and the perfect location for residential stays. Why not book a package of activities on site at Bushy, or a combination of activities across our three locations to build the ultimate in land and water based activity residential for your group!

How to get to us

The site is on the A22 near Halisham. turn off northbound carriageway 150m before the Knockhatch roundabout. look for the white sign. Car parking is available.

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X/Y co-ords: 557668, 109077 • Lat/Long: 50.8597,0.2388693


Activities on offer at this site

  • Climbing

Our 6m high wall has 6 different climbs of varying difficulties. The group will be able to experience climbing and belaying during this activity.

  • Bouldering

The two sided bouldering wall has 4 different routes of varying difficulty, the group will be able to explore the different routes, play a variety of games and pick up some top bouldering tips.

  • Archery

The range is 10 metres long and with a covered shooting area.  The instructors will identify the size and type of bows that will be used for the session.  You will be taught shooting technique and an opportunity to put your skills to the test in some games.

  • Team Building

The instructors will decide upon which team building activities will be delivered, they will include time for the group to discuss and plan their approach, test their plan and then review their performance as a team.

  • Pioneering

The instructors will guide the groups to design and build a structure using ropes and poles, in order to achieve an objective.

  • Fire Lighting

Back to basics, learn the key components to making a fire without any matches.  The group will be shown the best fuel to use and how to get that spark using a flint and steel.

  • Shelter building

Learning the basics of shelter building using natural materials or using a tarps and rope.  The group will  learn different knots and shelter designs or create their own.

  • Rifles

The instructor will teach the group the safe use of rifles and they will have time to practice the skills they have been taught.

  • Crate Stacking challenge

Our newest activity, it require the team to work together to build and climb a tower of crates before it topples, there will be an opportunity to climb, build and belay during this session. It’s great for team building.

  • Orienteering

Spread across the 17 acre site is a number of check points.  The groups will be shown how to locate where they are on the map and how to  orientate the map.  This session can include compasses and learning how to use a compass.

Accomodation and Facilities

For your accommodation for your stay with us can be any or a combination of the below:

The Cub Hut:

The main hall can sleep up to 18 young people on the floor.

There are 3 side rooms:

Room 1 – 2x bunkbeds, sleeping 4 people

Room 2 – 2x bunkbeds, sleeping 4 people

Room 3 – 1 single bed.

The Hut has heaters and a kitchen.  There is a separate toilet block, which also includes hot running showers.

The Scout Hut:

The main hall can sleep up to 24 young people on the floor.

There are 3 side rooms:

Room 1 – 4 x bunkbeds, sleeping 8 people

Room 2 – 3 x bunkbeds, sleeping 6 people

Room 3 – 2 x bunkbeds, sleeping 4 people.

The hut has heaters and a kitchen. There is a separate toilet block, which also includes hot running showers.


The group will be camping under canvas in tents provided by Buzz/supplied by themselves.

On arrival the group will be shown where to set up their camp. The tents must be pitched 5 meters apart.

The tents provided by Buzz are 2-3 person tents, the groups will need to be arranged in advance.

There is a toilet block onsite which includes access to hot running showers.

Contact Details

all enquiries use 01323 417023
Email: info@buzzactive.org.uk

Opening hours

Opening hours vary according to the season.

Check out the Bushy wood website for further details etc.

For all activity and booking enquiries please contact us on the details above.


Check out the weather reports for our centres.