Bespoke Taster Sessions 2024

Book a private taster session, half or whole day of activity for you, your group or family.

Choose from any of our activities.

No of persons short session

2 hours

1 activity

Half a day

3 hours

choice of 2 activities

Activity Day

5 hours

choice of 3 activities

1-to-1 £70 £85 Not applicable
2 to 5 £43.5 per person £59.50 per person £99 per person
6 plus £36 per person £49.50 per person £82.50 per person

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Special offers

‘Airbourne’ Taster sessions in 2024

Book a special deal as a part of the Air show weekend.

Book your £20 taster in paddle boarding, sailing or windsurfing on the weekend of the air show.

These activities will run from our Eastbourne  site, delivered on princes park lake.

For all other times please see the detail below and get in touch for details and bespoke bookings.

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